Prohibited Items

List of Prohibited and Restricted Commodities for shipping with Pebblefly

Prohibited Items

List of Restricted Items

All the items listed below are subjected to specific country guidelines depending on where you are sending your parcel to.

    ● Antiques and works of art
    ● Dry ice
    ● Alcoholic beverages
    ● Perfumes
    ● Commemorative coins and medals
    ● Watches and jewellery
What are prohibited items?

Pebblefly considers prohibited items as any items that are not permitted to be shipped under any circumstances, whether by a person or a business.

List of Pepplefly Express Prohibited Items
    ● Bullion
    ● Currency
    ● Animals including hatching eggs and insects
    ● Human remains including ashes
    ● Counterfeit or pirated goods
    ● Drugs and narcotics
    ● Hazardous or combustible materials
    ● Knives
    ● Pornography
What are the consequences of shipping these commodities with Pebblefly

Pebblefly does not provide insurance or liability coverage for shipments that contain any item on its prohibited shipping list. If the restricted or prohibited item is discovered by our delivery agents during collection, they may refuse to pick up the parcel without the option of a refund.

In case the items are discovered via normal or customs checks during transit, the goods may be destroyed or returned to the sender. When this happens, Pebblefly will contact you to notify you of the next steps.

Therefore, we highly advise against providing inaccurate information or intentionally lowering the worth of your goods to avoid taxation. Your shipment will be withheld by the customs officers if detected and you will risk facing penalties upon conviction for shipping prohibited items.

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